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Tooling & mould service
Hardwood Door Control Tech Co., Ltd. is also focusing on develop high quality castings, tooling and mould service, the end customers are the famous Tier1 player of the industry (Bosch /Valeo/ Magna/ Nedic/ Nexteer/ Continental/ Mahle/ Thyssenkrupp). Hardwood provide the tooling and mould service to both domestic and overseas, including design, mould testing and revision, commissioning of manufacturing.

Hardwood R&D center has Magma (German) for moulds flow simulation and NX/PRO-E for tooling design. We invest the high performance equipment (GROB 5-Axis CNC) in tooling manufacturing. Spot Cooling, vacuum structure and squeeze pin to improve the porosity issues, and use CT & X-ray for trial samples inspection. At present, the company can delivery 80 sets of die casting tooling and 40 sets of machining fixtures every month with lead time 8~12 weeks, and still continue to increase the tooling capacity. Normally, the tooling life can reach to 100K~150K shots.
Manufacturing equipment:
Tooling and mould display:
Automobile aluminum alloy servo housing die         Automobile aluminum alloy steering 
casting mold-900tons                                      column die casting mold-1500tons
Automobile aluminum alloy BMS                        Automobile aluminum alloy Motor housing die 
stator bracket die casting mold-1650tons           
casting mold
Large die-casting products display:
Die casting machine tonnage: 1650                   Die casting machine tonnage: 1650
Application: BMS                                                Application:Drivetrain system
Die casting machine tonnage: 1650                         Die casting machine tonnage: 1250
Application: Drivetrain system                                 Application: Drivetrain system